Turan Information Agency, Azerbaijan
December 4, 2013 Wednesday


Russia welcomes resumption of direct contacts between the leaders of
Armenia and Azerbaijan. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir
Putin at a briefing in Yerevan after talks with ArmenianPresident

" I was recently on a visit to Baku. We also talked with the
Azerbaijani President in detail about the prospects of settlement. I
am very pleased to note that the meeting, which was held in Vienna on
November 19, was clearly positive. We hope for common sense and the
desire to settle on both sides, and we will do everything to promote
it within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group," said Putin.

Asked about Russia's actions in the case of "aggression" by Azerbaijan
against Nagorno-Karabakh, Putin said that he hoped that blood
would be never shed in Nagorno-Karabakh - either byArmenians or by
Azerbaijanis. "The more often to repeat the words aloud, the less will
be the conditions for a peaceful settlement in the region. We would
like no bloodshed forever in this region of the world, located so close
to the Russian border, - no by Armenian citizens or citizens of the
Republic of Azerbaijan," Putin said, calling "counterproductive" the
talk about the alleged decisions in case of possible military action.

Putin reported further reduce in the gas prices for Armenia to 189
dollars per thousand cubic meters from the current $ 270. At the same
time, Putin said that Russia sells gas to Europe for $ 500.

Another outcome of the negotiations and agreements with Putin in
Yerevan was that Armenia will be able to buy Russian weapons for the
inside Russian prices. Azerbaijan buys same weapons from Moscow at
international prices that are 30-40% higher.

Note that for the first time in the history the Armenian opposition
met the Russian President with street protests So a few hundred people
organized protests in various parts of Yerevan, urging Putin to get
out of Armenia and criticizing the country's authorities for refusing
of European integration. -02D-