Interfax, Russia
Dec 3 2013

GYUMRI (Armenia). Dec 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to promote Armenia's effective
accession to the Customs Union.

In his speech given at the third Russian-Armenian interregional
forum in Gyumri on Monday, Putin said Armenia's intention to join the
integration structures of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan provides
broad opportunities for cooperation.

He reiterated that Eurasian integration is "a sovereign choice of the
people of Armenia." "Naturally, Russia will do everything to support
this area of cooperation with Armenia," Putin said.

"We see Armenia as a full-fledged integration participant," Putin
said, recalling that this approach was approved by the Troika at the
meeting of the Supreme Economic Council in Minsk in October.

"Practical preparations have begun for the republic's accession to
the Customs Union in line with the agreements achieved them. We are
conducting consultations with the Eurasian Economic Commission and we
plan to approve a large package of legal, administrative, and other
issues," Putin said.

"We, on our part, will continue helping our Armenian friends to ensure
that the accession is as effective as possible," Putin said.

Putin said he is convinced that Armenia's accession to the Eurasian
integration project will seriously strengthen its economic potential,
will boost the investment climate, and will help establish direct
business contacts, including on the regional level.

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From: Baghdasarian