Purpose of cynicism

December 27 2013

Although this is the last editorial for this year, however, I can not
accommodate to merely the New Year style, and I would like to talk
about a wide-spread phenomenon: impudence (stubbornness, cynicism).
What is missing in Shmice's life? It seems like nothing: sit in your
corner and eat your businesses' money. But, no. He wants to prove
something. What? That he can "take precedence" of any opposition or
journalist with his literacy and intellectual level. With what?
Naturally, with his irreverent vocabulary, maybe, with his his
bodyguards' punches. In other words, every time, the representative of
the authorities should prove that "nothing can stop him". The same for
Taron Margaryan. Why does he need the PhD title? Neither his salary,
nor his reputation will grow from it. Nor, of course, he has the time
and desire to be engaged in research and come up with an inventions in
this field. The purpose is different: to humiliate and degrade
sciences and those engaged in sciences, and, ultimately, devalue not
only academic titles, but, the notion, intellectual activities. "I can
do whatever I want. And you, Rector of the University, and members of
Academic Council and HQC, will not utter a word and will declare me a
scientist," here is his "message." The problem is the same, "nothing
can stop me." That's the reason that the mayor understands the phrase
"defend the thesis" as a "defense from the journalists", which was
carried out by young Republican members of "Bazeh" headed by the
Rector of Economic Sciences. And the problem is not that the
journalists would suddenly see that the mayor does not read text
written in advance: Taron Margaryan and his "bodyguards" are
absolutely indifferent to such findings. There is a problem of proving
own all-mighty, the right to arbitrariness. Just as it should be in a
country of the "Customs territory". Кого хочу помилую,/Кого хочу -
казню/. Закон - мое желание!/Кулак - моя полиция!/Удар
искросыпительный,/Удар заодроительный,/Удар скуловорррот. (I would
mercy whomever I want./I would execute whomever I want./My desires are
the law! / My fist - my police! /A flashing punch. /A furious punch.
/A cheekbone punch.) The same in the international relations. Do you
think that it is a problem for Russia to sell gas at a price in an
area where the number of subscribers is ten times less than in Moscow?
No, it's a trivia. It was set an objective to write down clauses in
the agreement that would offend our dignity: we would do whatever we
want for 30 years. So, whether in small or large scales, the mechanism
is the same. Also, the forms of protecting human or national dignity
are the same. This is to come for the next year.

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