`A person that has problems with morals and reason dares speak of it':
politicians on Armenia's second president

16:59 - 30.12.13

A person that has problems with morals and reason dares speak of it,
Political Secretary of the Heritage party Styopa Safaryan told Tert.am
as he commented on Armenian ex-president Robert Kocharyan's interview.

`I am not defending Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan. The fact is that
he is not fully informed of the real situation in the country. But a
surprising fact is that Robert Kocharyan is placing the responsibility
for the economy formed during his presidency on Tigran Sargsyan,'
Safaryan said.

`It is no coincidence that certain political forces have become active
- the Prosperous Armenia Party, Armenian National Congress - which are
known to cooperate with one another. I think Tigran Sargsyan is aware
of the forces invigorating their activities. So he gave a press
conference to make it clear he is not leaving,' Safaryan said.

Armenian National Congress (ANC) party member Vahagn Khachatryan told
Tert.am that Armenia's incumbent premier was not an ordinary citizen
during Robert Kocharyan's presidency. As Chairman of the Central Bank
of Armenia, Tigran Sargsyan was one of the main figures implementing
Robert Kocharyan's economic policy.

`Before stating his assessments at his last press conference, he
should have expected such a response, especially so that two-digit
economic growth was recorded during Robert Kocharyan's presidency,' he

It is common knowledge that lop-sided growth is risky, and this fact
has been mentioned for years.

`Tigran Sargsyan was never critical of that economic policy. And he
has now got a response he should have expected,' Khachatryan said.

PAP parliamentary group member Tigran Urikhanyan told Tert.am that
that the Armenian premier `stopped following moral and elementary
logic long ago.'

`I said that the premier was a criminal as far back as 2009. Concrete
facts have been cited throughout his premiership. Several months ago I
was persuading him to go to the police and confess to what he had done
against the people,' he said.

As regards the emigration problem raised by ex-president Robert
Kocharyan he said: `There is no need to answer this question. We have
statistics, which does not require any comments.'