Turks won't dance tango with Armenians without the third side (video)

14:06 | November 29,2014 | Politics

It is a bloody shirt of Talaat Pasha. It is preserved by the state at
Istanbul Martial Arts Museum. Blood on the shirt is the first obvious
connection of modern Turkey with Armenian Genocide in 1915. The second
connection is the slab in front of "Agos" editorial, which only
reminds that Hrant Dink was killed there: but there is no word about
who killed him and why. In Turkey they already speak about Armenian
Genocide without additional tension, though they don't think that the
state will recognize it. "Football" diplomacy facilitated what Turks
must say on 100th anniversary of Genocide.

"2015 is a year of penalty kick for Armenians and Turks are waiting to
catch the ball of Armenians,"- says CNNturk News Editor Ferhat

He is on serious editorial position at CNNturk TV company. He wants
Armenians to understand that it is impossible to speak about
recognition of Genocide without examining the history textbooks. And
if Armenians want neighborly relations with Turkey without
preconditions, here we also must reckon with tango, "I call it "three
to tango", we won't dance alone with Armenia, Azerbaijan will also be
with us. Whereas Armenia wants to dance only with Turkey."

Mr. Boratav admits that there was something between Armenians and
Turks, he says that Turks know what happened, but he confesses that
those events have been replaced by fake memories for many Turks.

"Now 70 percent of Turks living in cities are very far from 1915
heritage. Their memory is almost completely lost,"- he says.

Haberturk news editor learnt about Armenian issue after spending 6
months in prison with an Armenian clergyman, who was accused of
cooperation with ASALA, but in reality he was innocent and he didn't
speak about Armenian issue. Rusen Cakir thinks that Armenian issue was
enlivened in Turkey after the terrorist acts of ASALA, "Our attitude
to Armenian issue was negative after the acts of ASALA. But I don't
think that today there is racism against Armenians in Turkey."

Rusen Cakir thinks that today for the official Turkey the issue of
Genocide isn't the most important one among the problems with
Armenians. The most important is Armenian-Azerbaijani relations.

"But even if Armenians and Azerbaijanis find a solution to Karabakh
issue, I don't think that Armenian-Turkish border will be immediately
opened and that the issue of Genocide will hinder further relations,"-
stressed Cakir.

Turkish journalist thinks that the situation today is historical, at
first they related to Armenian issue through terrorist acts of ASALA,
then through international recognition of Genocide, and today through
"football" diplomacy, and Armenians come to Turkey for holidays, "Here
no one persecutes Armenians, we hear complaints about different
nations in many countries, but there is no complaint about Armenians
from Turks."


From: Baghdasarian