14:16 * 03.12.14

Although Armenia has slightly improved its positions on the 2015
Corruption Perception Index, Transparency International's executive
director says he does not yet feel very enthusiastic about the result.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Varuzhan Hoktanyan said he finds
that the progress will be inspiring in case the positive dynamics is
observed in future reports.

"The dispersion on this table is 3.2; there has to be a change in
four or more points for us to observe the result," he said.

"If the trend continues, our score will be 44-45 in just a couple
of years."

Introducing Armenia's ranking in the 2013 index at a press conference
last year, Hoktanyan was more pessimistic about the country's
corruption record. He said he would feel very happy to see no further
decline in the 2014 report.

With 37 points, Armenia ranks the 97th in the latest index. It has
climbed up one position compared to last year.

Armenia was the first country in the Commonwealth of Independent
Republics to adopt an anti-corruption strategy. But despite this
and subsequent documents, and different anti-corruption measures,
the records are far from good. They are thought to be close to what
is perceived as systemic corruption.

The Corruption Perception index has been published in Armenia since
1995. Since 1999, the country has been included in the annual index.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress