US Official News
December 1, 2014 Monday

Religious Freedom Coalition has issued the following news release:

The president of Turkey has re-written history by claiming Muslim
explorers, not Christopher Columbus, discovered America.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, chief of America's NATO ally, said November 15
that Islamic sailors found the New World in 1178. He said, "Muslims
discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus." Turkey is the
only Islamic nation in the NATO.

His theory -- which is supported only by Islamic historians -- came
to light in a televised speech during an Istanbul summit of Muslims
leaders from Latin America.

The summit was attended by 76 Islamic leaders from 40 countries. Latin
America was represented by Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile,
Mexico, Suriname, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia,
Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Ecuador, Jamaica and Haiti.

Erdogan brought up the supposed connection in a bid to establish a
long history for links between Turkey and Latin America.

The summit's main theme was "Building Our Traditions and Our Future."

Apparently, Turkey is aiming its Islamic expansionism at Latin America,
which does not have a significant number of Muslims. In fact, with
Turkey's aid, Muslims intend an international Islamic confederation.

In a previous conference dubbed "Antichrist Confederacy," Sheikh Yusuf
al-Qaradawi, Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars
(IUMS), announced in Turkey:

"The Caliphate in today's age must be established through a number
of several states that are governed by Shariah and supported by both,
the rulers and the people in the form of a federation or confederation
and not as it was in the past."

His announcement was published throughout the Muslim world, including
CNN Arabic version. IUMS represents the largest body of Muslim
scholars worldwide.

Before its summit of Muslim leaders from Latin America, Turkey
organized the Eurasia Islamic Council meeting, focusing on Islamic
expansion in Eurasia.

Yet, Turkish expansionism has never been under the radar of the U.S.

and one of the main architects of the U.S. alliance with Islamic
terrorist groups, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Ben Barrack has said,

"There is clearly a fixation on the part of Brzezinski that controlling
Eurasia is key to U.S. dominance. However, what he's clearly been
missing is that Turkey is the country that has been seeking Eurasian
dominance while NATO countries continue to view it as an ally."

Brzezinski's focus of concern is only Russia. To neutralize Russia,
for decades he helped Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. And today America
is a backer of the two main sources for the Islamic terror in the
world: Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

So while the U.S. and its NATO are focusing on Russia as an Eurasian
threat, their only Islamic ally is expanding its Islamic dominance
in Eurasia.

Not only in Eurasia, but internationally. Turkey has also organized
the Summit of Muslim African Leaders, the Meeting of the European
Muslims, Meeting of the Balkan Religious Affairs Presidents and the
World Islamic Scholars Peace, Moderation and Common Sense. Turkey is
working very hard for an Islamic confederation.

The only Islamic ally of the U.S. in the NATO is, according to Robert
E. Kaplan, reconstructing the Ottoman Empire, with the U.S. military
interventions' aid. Kaplan said,

"Each of these United States military interventions occurred in an
area that had been part of the Ottoman Empire, and where a secular
regime was replaced by an Islamist one."

And during the Ottoman Empire, the land of Israel was under Islamic
control for three centuries. Christians also had their lot of suffering
under this Islamic empire.

One hundred year ago, Turkey committed one of the worst Islamic
genocides against Christians. It was the Armenian Genocide, which
has never been recognized by supposedly large Christian nations,
including the U.S., Germany and Brazil, which are apparently fearful
of infuriating their ally, whose Islamic expansion in the past brought

Even today, Turkey is involved in blood-shedding. According to WND,
"Turkey has supported jihadist groups whose fighters later morphed
into ISIS fighters," who have been slaughtering Christians in Syria
and Iraq.

WND also reported, "Turkey is now perhaps the biggest al-Qaida base
in the world."

What will Turkey's expansionist plans, especially for Latin America,
bring for the next years?

I do not know. But in its summit for Latin America, Turkey promised
that it is "Building Our Traditions and Our Future."

If you include Bible prophecies, the Turkish picture gets much darker.

According to WND, theologians, both Christian and Jewish, have long
interpreted the Antichristian armies of Gog of Magog as coming from
the land of Turkey. Some of these theologians are: Hippolytus of Rome
(170-235), Moses Ben Maimonides (aka Rambam) (1135-1204), Nicholas of
Lyra (1270-1349), Martin Luther (1483-1546), John Wesley (1703-1755)
and Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758).

Do their interpretations about Turkey match the record and behavior
of this Islamic nation? If so, will Turkey want to have its Ottoman
Empire again? And will it want to invade Israel to reestablish its
ownership over the land of the Jews?

The letters of the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation were
addressed to the seven churches in Asia Minor -- today Turkey. Other
important Christian church that disappeared under Islamic Turkey
is Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul (former Constantinople). Hagia Sophia
was the oldest and largest Christian cathedral (from 537 to 1453)
in the world. From 1453 to 1931, Islamic Turkey used it as a mosque.

Yet, if you thought that these Christian tragedies and Turkish Islamic
expansionism are old stories, think again.

After 9/11, mosques began popping up across America, and Turkey,
with Saudi Arabia, is one of the Islamic nations benefiting from the
Islamic terrorist attack.

The government of Turkey is building a $100 million mega mosque, the
Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Lanham, Maryland.

Would Turkey, or even Saudi Arabia, allow the U.S. government to
build a $100 million mega Christian church in their lands?

Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister traveled to the U.S. to attend the
groundbreaking ceremony for the mosque in 2013. Would Turkey allow
a U.S. president to inaugurate a mega church in its nation?

Another important question is: Did Muslims discover America? There
is no evidence of it today. But if America keeps its Islamic ally
free to advance, it might be impossible to disprove Turkey's claims
in the future that Muslims conquered America.

Today, Turkey helps Islamic terrorist groups slaughtering Christians in
the Middle East, wants to conquer America, Eurasia and Latin America
and it is advancing unpunished, because it is a NATO and U.S.


Apparently, Turkey will play a major Islamic role in the dark future
threatening Christians, Jews, Israel, Latin America and the world.