Igor Muradyan, Political Analyst
Comments - 30 December 2014, 14:42

The act of September 3 was fully placed within Serzh Sargsyan's
responsibility, and few people doubt that anyone else is to blame
for this hasty act, even the National Assembly.

Did the president realize that this act would eventually be followed
by individual accusations and nobody, including the prime minister,
would share responsibility?

Not a long time ago the government benefitted from the moods of the
general public though now such moods are not explicit. Mentally ill
people called sociologists conducted so-called "survey" with Russian
assistance or other money which yielded pink results and indicated
pro-Russian moods.

Money has similar influence on both mentally ill people or more or less
normal people. Then 86% was mentioned, and very few people doubted
whether 86% and 14% are equal and what they express. Now everything
has collapsed, and soon this 86% will appear in the rubbish box.

Soon Moscow will not remember what percent was considered as an
argument. By the way, no participant of the first war in Karabakh
supported Russia as a key partner or rather patron.

Now some artificially created groups of businessmen who have already
experienced the nightmare for their business are trying to demonstrate
that things are not so bad and are trying to demonstrate that things
are not so bad, and they are making week attempts to overcome the

The executive is confused and unable to offer anything, even for the
sake of salvation. The appointment of the prime minister was just a
step towards the disaster, to shed responsibility on him if need be
but in vain because a person needs to be responsible to believe in

The National Assembly once again was fully obedient, and its
presence reminds how meaningless its existence is. The so-called
"opposition" held two rallies in Yerevan to demonstrate that not only
the "opposition" but also the entire society supports Eurasian death
and limitless loyalty to Russia.

Everything became clear with rallies, and the society has an
opportunity to play an anti-social game because nobody will "go for"
those ralliers.

So, who is ready to share responsibility with the president for
September 3? Apparently, only the society, nobody else. A society
without a face, address and initiative, awaiting the disaster.

The society gave up on the collective means of breakthrough, while
"individual approach" is not enjoyed by everyone but 15-30% of the
adult population.

When nobody is seriously considering coming to power, a great number
of more or less interested people is not against having Serzh Sargsyan
in government. Who would replace him? Perhaps only a Russian viceroy
surrounded by Armenian "writers"-informers.

A more dynamic stage of vassalization starts.

Happy New Year to everyone who still celebrates!