10 Feb 05

[email protected]~I cannot say who will be Kocharyan's successor, but I can firmly
say that I will be elected the Armenian President in 2018‚[email protected]~], head
of the Republican Party of Armenia Galust Sahakyan stated during
today‚[email protected]~Ys briefing.

Today he does not see any political motives for holding extra-ordinary
elections or any reason for dissolving the parliament, since
the conversations on the existing crisis are exaggerated in the
parliament. Galust Sahakyan considers that any elections may be
dangerous at present. When commenting on the accusations of the
Orinats Yerkir party that the businessmen deputies representing the
RPA are absent from the sittings, Sahakyan stated that he does not
wish to speak of such nonsense and dropped a hint that they, the RPA
representatives, have the key role in the parliament.

Taking into account the fact that out of 46 RPA deputies only 17
were present in the sitting hall, his words can be easily proved,
since during the three days of the session there was no possibility
to gather the number of deputies essential for voting.