01.02.2008 17:03

At the end of January 2008 Azerbaijani captive Samir Nazim-ogli
Mamedov was set free and sent to one of European countries, Press
Centre of RA National Security Service informed Radiolur.

Samir Mamedov was born in 1987 in Kirovabad city. According to him,
he grew up at children's home and was deprived of parental care. On
December 24, 2006 Mamedov left the Azerbaijani army and passed to
the Armenian side from Ijevan region.

After yielding himself prisoner Mamedov refused to return to
Azerbaijan. As a result of discussions with representatives of
international organizations, Samir Mamedov chose one of the European
countries as asylum.

Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross
periodically visited Mamedov without any obstacle.

Press Centre of RA National Security Service informs that Samir
Nazim-ogli Mamedovleft Armenia completely healthy.