Yeni Musavat
Feb 1 2008

"Missionaries linked to Armenians detained in Barda"

A large-scale operation was held in Barda yesterday [31 January] to
render harmless groups engaged in the promotion of non-traditional
religions. An operations group of the local police discovered an
illegal religious sect in a flat on 20 Yanvar Street in Barda,
a regional source of Yeni Musavat reported. The police detained 18
Jehovah's Witnesses at the named address, the source said.

"All the detained people were taken to the police. An investigation
revealed that teachers of Barda secondary schools Nos 1 and 2 head the
religious sect. A large number of people, led by teachers identified
as Yegana and Nargiz, rented a flat at the mentioned address at a
high rate to promote a non-traditional religion," the source said.

Four of the detainees were men and the rest were women, the source
said. "The men, who were brought to the police station, offered
resistance to the police during their questioning. These people openly
said that they regarded Armenians as their brothers. They said that
their faith did not allow them to use weapons against Armenians."

We must note that one of the main goals of this sect is to discourage
young people from joining the army. This sect is said to have been
banned in Christian countries as well. The missionaries have arrived
in Azerbaijan in masses and are engaged in damaging propaganda here.

[Passage omitted: Jehovah's Witnesses were detained in Ganca last year]

The Barda district police department confirmed the report on the
operation but said that none of the people detained in the operation
were currently under arrest.