Jan 29 2008

The Azerbaijani community of the USA has criticized presidential
candidate Barack Obama for what it called statementsagainst Azerbaijan
and Turkey, the Azerbaijani newspaper Ekho has said. Ekho said that two
letters criticizing Obama have been posted on the website

The paper quoted the first letter as saying that "Obama's statement
insults all Azerbaijani Americans andTurkish Americans, as well as
the US allies of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Obama's comments reveal his
inexperience and poor judgement, along with unprofessionalism of his
foreign and domestic ethnic policy campaign advisors".

Ekho said that the second letter denies Obama's statements about the
assumed Turkish and Azerbaijani blockadesof Armenia.

In this way, "he throws his support behind Armenia's aggression,
occupation and ethnic cleansing of 16 per cent of Azerbaijan", Ekho
quoted the second letter as saying.

Obama has pledged to recognize the Armenian "genocide". He has also
expressed his support for thedevelopment of Armenian-US security
cooperation and for the strengthening of democracy in Armenia, and
promisedassistance in securing the opening of the Armenian-Turkish
border and a solution to the Karabakh problem acceptable toall sides,
Ekho reported.

Commenting on the campaign in an interview with Ekho, Foreign
Ministry spokesman Xazar Ibrahim said that "theAzerbaijani embassy
in Washington cannot engage in an action of this kind as it is a
diplomatic representative office.As for the position of US politicians
on various issues related to Azerbaijan, they have always been and
are beingclearly informed of Baku's official standpoint.

Work is under way to inform the US public correctly."

Ekho also quoted political analyst Elxan Nuriyev as saying that
"this campaign will benefit our state and first of all, Azerbaijan's
national interests".
From: Baghdasarian