Feb 1 2008

Ombudsman Armen Harutiunyan presented the renewed activities of the
office of human rights defender on February 1. The officers are going
to participate in mass public events to get information directly.

Besides, the office has set up a hot line to enable voters to report
human rights violations during the election. The voters can call
537651, 539271, 538831, 537634, 538577, 091 008817, 091 280206 or
email [email protected]

The human rights defender begs the citizens to report only definite
cases rather than abstract information. On the day of voting the staff
of the office of ombudsman will be on duty from 7 am of February 19
to 9 am February 20. Armen Harutiunyan underlines efforts against
election fraud and especially bribes because the ombudsman thinks
bribes will abort the process of democratization of Armenia.

Armen Harutiunyan urges citizens to reject bribes because otherwise
the political force which will be elected in this way will have no
moral obligations before voters.

The ombudsman considers efforts against shortening of the rights of
citizens as highly important because as a post-Soviet country Armenia
has a lot to do. Besides, Armen Harutiunyan calls for tolerance since
without it a bright future would be impossible. He condemns every
effort of hampering the activities of the election offices of the
candidates. The ombudsman also touched upon reports of breaches in
the pre-election period. The breaches are still under consideration,
and since they are caused by various interpretations of the law, for
the time being he prefers not to comment on them to avoid political
manipulations. The ombudsman promised to hold a news conference in a
week and dwell on this. On February 1 the ombudsman did not answer
any questions, saying that his purpose was to announce about the
renewed activities of the office of ombudsman.