ARKA News Agency
Feb 1 2008

YEREVAN, February 1. /ARKA/. The annual minimal consumer basket totaled
AMD 277,718.5 (about $73) in Armenia in the fourth quarterly period
of 2007, the RA National Statistical Service reports. The monthly
minimal consumer basket amounted to AMD 23,143.2 (about $73) in the
reporting period.

The annual minimal consumer basket (including the actual price in the
fourth quarterly period of 2007) totaled AMD 430,463.7 ($1,357.6)
in the reporting period (the monthly minimal basket totaling AMD
35,872 or $113.1 monthly).

Bellow is the annual rate of products per capita: bread-made products -
AMD 49,808.4 (the share of bread being AMD 32,868 with 91.3kg annual
consumption), meat - AMD 56,385.2 (36.5kg), milk products - AMD
54,864.8 (milk - AMD 21,761.3 with 73 liters of annual consumption,
ghee - AMD 16,249.8 with 7.3kg annual consumption, cheese - AMD
11,674.4 with 9.1kg annual consumption), potatoes - AMD 17,018.3
(91.3kg), vegetables (cabbages, onions) - AMD 15,319.1 (109.5kg),
fruit (apples) AMD 26,243.5 (182.5pcs), vegetable oil - AMD 6,755.4
(7.3kg), margarine - AMD 3,275.6 (3.7kg), fish - AMD 33,028.6 (11kg).

The RA Ministry of Health helped form the consumer basket. The latter
is based on the World Bank's (WB) survey of 6,816 households carried
out from April 1, 2004 to March 31, 2005. This consumer basket
significantly differs with its constitution from the previous ones.

According to WB, the monthly consumer basket should amount to AMD
17,877.4 ($56), the minimal consumer basket totaling AMD 27,710

In Armenia, the share of the basic salary (AMD 20,000 or $63) in
the minimal consumer basket, minimal food basket and average monthly
salary is 55.8%, 86.4% and 23.2% respectively.

The share of the average monthly salary in the country's minimal food
basket was 240.7% in 2007.

According to NSS, GDP per capita totaled AMD 973,021 ($2,844), the
basic average monthly salary amounting to AMD 76,922 ($225).

1mln 168,000 people were economically active in Armenia in 2007
with 92.9% (1,085.3) being involved in economy. 82,500 people were
unemployed in the reporting period. Armenia's resident population
totaled 3mln 229,900 on January 1, 2008 ($1 - AMD 306.84).