YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 1, NOYAN TAPAN. Many of the candidates for presidency
avoid speaking about composition of the government to be formed in case
of their election not because they lack the respective staff, but
taking into account the current atmosphere of intolerance and fear in
the country, the spokeswoman for People's Party of Armenia Ruzan
Khachatrian stated at the February 1 discussion, adding that these
presidential candidates have concerns that by announcing the names of
members of the future cabinet, they may "endanger" these persons.

According to deputy of the former Supreme Council Aram Mailian, there
is no party today which has about 30 people to be appointed to most
important positions in case of its coming to power. In his words, the
parties cannot grow cadres. He said that power of the first president
Levon Ter-Petrosian ruined because of the wrong personnel policy. The
president Robert Kocharian, according to the former deputy, has
continued personnel policy-related mistakes.

The representative of the Liberal Progressive Party of Armenia, expert
Eduard Antinian expressed an opinion that the amended Constitution will
not allow any political force (besides, the Republican Party of Armenia
that forms the parliamentary majority) to become a real counterbalance
to the other power branches. In the words of E. Antinian, any president
not enjoying the sympathy of the National Assembly's majority will be a
formal head.