Bangor Daily News, ME
Feb 9 2008

Bangor: Holocaust lecture series to begin Sunday

By Judy Harrison
Saturday, February 09, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

BANGOR, Maine - History, culture and modern politics will come
together during a nine-week lecture series titled "Hitler's
The University of Maine at Augusta series will begin Sunday and run
through June 1. Each of the programs will be held at 1 p.m. at the
city's orthodox synagogue, Congregation Beth Abraham, at 145 York St.

"This is a way for the Jewish community and the Greater community to
hear from those who experienced the Holocaust and studied the
Holocaust," Rabbi Fred Nebel of Beth Abraham said Friday afternoon.
"The series will examine the Holocaust from a lot of different
perspectives. If you miss [one], you can catch another one."

The series will bring speakers to Bangor and Augusta from as near as
the University of Maine and as far away as Hebrew University in
Israel. The lectures are being presented in Bangor in conjunction
with Jonathan Goldstein's UMA course "The Holocaust: Perpetrators,
Victims and Rescuers." Speakers will lecture in Bangor on Sunday and
attend Goldstein's class on Monday.

Bringing in guest speakers "is a way of infusing real-life
personality into a classroom and community setting," Goldstein said

They will include a concentration camp survivor and the daughter of a
man who helped 2,500 Jews escape the Holocaust, he said. Scholars and
historians will discuss why the event occurred and others will talk
about why Iran and some Arab countries deny the historical event ever
took place.

Phillip Silver, a music professor at the University of Maine, will
share the music of the Holocaust he has studied and performed at a
lecture next month.

The following programs are scheduled:

Feb. 10, "Nazi Cartoons: Anti-Semitic Caricatures and Stereotypes,"
professor Russel Lemmons, Jacksonville State University in Alabama.
Feb. 24, "My Escape from the Nazis," concentration camp survivor
Irving Roth, Great Neck, N.Y.
March 9, "Music of the Holocaust," professor Phillip Silver,
University of Maine.
March 16, "Iranian Holocaust Denial," Matthias Kuentzel, Hamburg,
Germany, Vidal Sassoon Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
April 13, "Arab Holocaust Denial," professor Raphael Israeli, Truman
Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
May 4 (tentative), "Ambassador Fengshan Ho's Holocaust Rescue Efforts
in Vienna, 1938," Manli Ho, independent scholar and former China
Daily, Beijing, correspondent.
May 18, "The Goldhagen-Browning Controversy on Holocaust Causation,"
professor Peter Hayes, Zev Weiss professor of Holocaust studies and
German history, Northwestern University.
May 25, "Perspectives on Genocide: Jews, Armenians, Blacks," Steve
Katz, Eli Wiesel Professor of Holocaust Studies and Jewish History,
Boston University.
June 1, "The Holocaust, the Mufti, and the Jewish Past: competing
Narratives and Arab-Israel Peacemaking," professor Asher Susser,
Crown Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Brandeis University.
The program has been funded by the Libra Foundation, Bangor Jewish
Community Endowment Associates and the Holocaust and Human Rights
Center of Maine.

The programs contain mature content and are not appropriate for
children under 15. For information, call 621-3000. d=159960&zoneid=176