In the past week the police have received 676 reports about electoral

2008-02-16 16:29:00

ArmInfo. In the past week the "hot line" service of the police of
Armenia has received 676 reports about electoral violations. The head
of the Visa and Passport Department of the Police Alvina Zakaryan says
that they have also received over 50 questions from political parties,
electoral offices, public organizations, individuals and observers and
have responded to all of them. "There are some questions we can't
answer - even a fortune-teller would not be able to answer them. For
example, the head of the electoral office of presidential candidate
Artur Bagdassaryan Hegine Bisharyan asked how many people there would
be in Armenia on the day of election," says Zakaryan. She notes that
the electoral offices of Levon Ter-Petrossyan and Artur Bagdassaryan
are the most active and inquisitive.