Noyan Tapan
Feb 29 2008

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 29, NOYAN TAPAN. Martin Gharibian, an empowered
person of Levon Ter-Petrosian, a president running for the post of
the RA President, in the Polling Station 33/78 of Gyumri handed in an
application on February 19 about giving out electoral bribe from cars
without a state registration number in the vicinity of the polling
station. He gave an explanation in the investigation department of
the region of Shirak that he has written the application taking a
conversation heard from outside as basis, he himself has not seen
anything and cannot introduce any fact.

According to the message of the RA Prosecutor General's Office,
"M. Gharibian stated that the elections have passed normally in
the above-mentioned polling station, without violations and that he
would no doubt make notes in the register in case of noticing such
things. M. Gharibian also stated that after the elections he asked his
relatives and friends, however, they all stated that nobody has offered
them electoral bribe and that they have voted by their own will.

With the prepared materials a decision was made in the investigation
department of the region of Shirak of the RA Police on February 24
on declining the filing of the criminal case.

According to the same source, Seyran Haroyan, an inhabitant of the
Haghtanak village, was brought a charge against on the indications
of Part 4 Articla 258 of the RA Criminal Code. The criminal case was
sent to the Criminal Court of the city of Yerevan on February 28.

It was grounded by the preliminary investigation that at about 21
o'clock on January 30 Seyran Haroyan, being in a drunken state,
entered the pre-electoral headquarters of RA presidential candidate
Serge Sargsian situated in the same village with a sporting-gun, where
he shot at the TV and in the direction of the wall, demanded to call
the heads of the headquarters, used bad language without address and
damaged the work of the headquarters.