Noyan Tapan
Feb 29 2008

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 29, NOYAN TAPAN. There is no concrete new political
policy or ideololigal basis in the slogans voiced from the Freedon
square, there are only unreal and tempting promises. This opinion was
expressed by political scientist Alexander Manasian, the Chairman
of the "Political research academy" non-governmental organization,
during the meeting with journalists.

"We have no serious politological thought, that is why slogans built
upon a mere demagogic and emotional wave have appeared on the Freedom
square," he said.

The political scientist sees a way out of the created situation through
a political dialogue. However, the process shows that the organizers of
the mass meeting aviod it, which a sign of aggressiveness," he said. In
his opinion, the figures on the Freedom square can irrespective of
their will create an ungovernable and aggressive crowd, which is
very dangerous.

A. Manasian expressed readiness to take part in the political dialogue,
if it is conducted at a level giving a scientific meaning to the
developments of the political events and not with demagogic slogans
or by the principle of offencing each other.

In the words of Manasian, political dialogues are necessary for
disputable issues not to become conflict ones, however, that form of
the political culture is lacking today. The reason for the absence,
according to him, is, first of all, the fact that political parties
are not enough well-grounded and the second reason is the national
character, in his words, "burst and emotionality peculiar to the
mentality of Armenians."

According to the political scientist, the political parties of Armenia
are not enough well-grounded and have no live connection with real
political processes. "Parties are based on those political figures,
who unite around themselves not those supporters, who are saturated
with their thoughts, but their friends, relatives and families." He
mentioned that ideology is an important condition for a political
party, and there is no well-grounded party in Armenia, which has
adopted a political ideology. "Is there as much ideology in the world
as many parties there are today in Armenia?" the political scientist