Feb 4 2009

Baku. Lachin Sultanova-APA. "President Ilham Aliyev, commenting on
the Zurich meeting in his interviews, said that the negotiations had
had some progress, but not enough.

The essence of the issue is that it is impossible to say something
about the details while full agreement on the conflict solution
is not reached in the negotiations", Chief of the International
Relations Department of the President's Office Novruz Mammadov told
APA exclusively. He said the main goal of the negotiations over the
settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict was to put full solution to
the conflict on agenda. "The goal is to determine Nagorno Karabakh
status within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, to return
refugees to their homeland and to liberate Azerbaijani lands from
the occupation. Therefore it is impossible to say something fair
because full agreement was not reached. I can say in a sense that
Armenian leadership intends to delay the negotiation process doing
some maneuvers again".

Novruz Mammadov commented on the statement made by Armenian leadership
after the meeting with separatist regime of Nagorno Karabakh "Nagorno
Karabakh can not be a part of Azerbaijan": "After independence all
Armenian leaders came to power only in the wave of Nagorno Karabakh
conflict. Today one of their main aims is to delay these negotiations
and ensure their stay in power. Unfortunately, these leaders are
preparing catastrophic future for Armenian people. They do not learn
from the current situation, from at least last year's happenings. They
do not understand that this patronage is not everlasting, nothing
is stable in the regions, everything changes. But if today this
patronage loses its force, Armenia will face a fatal situation, as
once Ter-Petrosyan said. At that time nobody will pay attention to
Armenia's calls. Though Armenian leaders understand this, they can
not take steps in this direction. The Armenians know very well that
within these 20 years no country has recognized or will recognize the
so-called regime established in the Azerbaijani territories. That's
why they make such absurd statements to gain some dividends before the
people and calm themselves and the country's population down," he said.