, Armenia
Feb 6 2010

High-probability of Genocide resolution adoption in U.S. Congress: Manoyan

14:42 / 02/06/2010There is a high probability that U.S. Congress will
pass Armenian Genocide resolution (H.Res.252), Head of the Hay Dat
(Armenian Cause) office Giro Manoyan told The ARFD member
commented on decision by Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs
Committee Hovard Berman to table Genocide Resolution on March 4, 2010.

`At the moment it is difficult to say explicitly, but the probability
is high and Hay Dat committee as well as Armenian community work in
that direction,' Manoyan said.
He does not consider Berman's decision another lever on Turkey by the
U.S. `Most probably Armenian community and certain congress circles
exert pressure on the White House for it not to link Armenia-Turkey
reconciliation with Genocide recognition,' stated ARFD member.

Commenting on correspondent's remark on recent discussions
related to Genocide recognition by Israel, Manoyan stressed, `Israeli
authorities have not arrived at this decision yet. Israeli society is
supportive to Genocide recognition. Moreover, a number of Jewish
organizations in U.S backing Turkey so far, presently express no
enthusiastic support to the country, particularly in the context of
recent critical statements against Israel voiced in Ankara.'