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Feb 28 2010

War, Dyslexia, and Abuse Leads Woman to Successful Writing Career

Las Vegas, NV Sunday, February 28, 2010

War, Dyslexia, and Abuse leads Woman to Success

"Finding My Purpose," a chapter in "Life Choices: Navigating Difficult
Paths" written by Aimee Kodachian, a middle-eastern Armenian woman
recounts the endless tragedies she faced while living through Lebanese
Civil War and how through strength of character became a successful
businesswoman, motivational author and speaker today.

"In 1975, I was 12 years old when the Lebanese Civil War began. We
were one of the first families to become homeless. I lost my closest
brother right before my eyes," Aimmee recounts.

Married at 14, baby at 15, abandoned at 18 "with no money, skills, or
education and a precious child to care for", this courageous woman
went on to become a pre-eminent book author and faculty speaker for

Her love of teaching and endless determination to care for her
daughter led her to the United States on a visa with no plans or
accommodations, without even knowing the language and still, she
pushed herself to success. "I was going to become a motivational
speaker¦.I couldn't allow myself to be embarrassed by my weaknesses. I
was very proud of my strengths"

Learn her story along with "Messages of Hope", written by 26
inspirational authors in "Life Choices, Navigating Difficult Paths",
the newest sensational book from Turning Point International

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