Feb 11 2011

News.Az interviews Fazil Mustafa, MP, member of the Azerbaijani
delegation in OSCE PA.

What does the Azerbaijani side expect from the new rapporteur of the
OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Karabakh conflict, whose personality
will be identified during the upcoming 24-25 February winter session
of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly?

This is possible only in case of objective approach to the problem.

The matter is that the OSCE does not provide any assistance in the
resolution of the Karabakh conflict. Therefore, people, appointed
for the post of the OSCE PA rapporteur on the Karabakh conflict, do
not even move to assist the resolution of the problem. The approach
of the OSCE assembly rapporteurs to the resolution of the problem is
only restricted with the provision of the Armenian interests. In this
respect, it has no sense for the Azerbaijani side to hope that the new
OSCE PA rapporteur on Karabakh conflict can attain any breakthrough
in the resolution of this problem. In this respect I can say that
the resolutions on Karabakh, passed in the OSCE PA, will also not
promote Azerbaijan's interests.

Could the previous rapporteur of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on
Karabakh conflict Goran Lennmarket contribute to peaceful resolution
of the problem?

This rapporteur prepared a report, however, he could not submit it for
discussion. He did not dare to do it, since then he would be obliged
to admit that Azerbaijani lands are occupied. For this purpose and in
order not to say a word about occupation of Azerbaijani lands, Goran
Lennmarker did not submit the report for discussion. In this view,
his work should be considered not only unsatisfactory but also far
from being objective and even pro-Armenian.

Are the OSCE PA rapporteurs independent in preparing their reports
on Karabakh?

Nothing depends on rapporteurs. In other words, they just fix in
their reports the position of the superpowers, on which the Karabakh
conflict settlement depends.

The mandate for the resolution of the Karabakh conflict has been
presented to the OSCE. Is this organization able to settle this
conflict independently?

OSCE has no militarized structures and they act at the instruction
of the United States and other big European states. In other words,
OSCE is not able to adopt independent decisions without looking back
to the position of superpowers.

Then is the UN able to settle the Karabakh conflict?

UN is the organization on the level of which it is possible to find
a solution to the problem. However, as is known the four resolutions
of UN, adopted on Karabakh, are not fulfilled. Meanwhile, if the UN
solutions are not fulfilled, this means the influence of the position
on the problem of a big country, represented in the UN Security
Council. All the same, I want to say that in this issue, the United
States and Russia voice the same position and provide assistance to
Armenia, in particular, in the failure to return Azerbaijani lands
to it. Thus, this situation means for Azerbaijan that it should not
hope for UN.

On the whole, is there a way out of the situation established in
the negotiation process and the overall peaceful settlement of the
Karabakh conflict in the nearest future?

I have no such hope. Azerbaijan just has to strengthen its military
force and thus force aggressor to peace. In this case, it is not
necessary to apply military force. Azerbaijan just needs to have a
real power and opportunities to demonstrate it. I would like to note
that positive achievements in Karabakh solution can be attained only
in case Azerbaijan has a real military force.

Which changes in our region can influence the resolution of the
Karabakh conflict?

Naturally, every case in the region can influence the changes in
the situation. But changes in our region are an exception. This
is connected with the fact that changes in the situation in the
region are mostly connected with changes in Russia. Therefore, I am
confident that the situation in the Caucasus region can change in
case of profound and sharp changes inside Russia.

From: A. Papazian