FEBRUARY 11, 2011

RA President Serzh Sargsyan met today with Foreign Minister of Ukraine
Konstantin Grishchenko, who is on an official visit to Yerevan.

The Presidential press service told Armenpress that the Ukrainian
Foreign Minister presented to the RA President the results of the
meeting with the RA Foreign Minister and the talks, held within the
framework of the visit and directed to the development of cooperation
between the two states in various spheres.

'We are sure that the dialogue between Armenia and Ukraine will be
developed in all the levels, starting from the highest one. We reached
an agreement with the RA Foreign Minister to have frequent meetings,
as it is necessary to understand the way the situation in our region
is being developed. And because everything is interconnected in this
global world, consultations must be held on themes, which are urgent,'
Konstantin Grishchenko said.

During the meeting with the RA President, the progress, registered
during the recent year in the development of the Armenian-Ukrainian
cooperation in the bilateral political relations in parallel with
economy, culture and other spheres, as well as within the framework
of the international organizations, was touched upon as well.

Konstantin Grishchenko handed to Serzh Sargsyan the greetings of the
Ukrainian President and mentioned that President Victor Yanukovich
expects a visit to Ukraine by President Serzh Sargsyan.

From: A. Papazian