The Messenger
Feb 11 2011

ICG prepared a report according to which the situation in Karabakh is
tense. It portrays a background of military build up and often military
assaults, mutual accusations and threats as well as frustration of
negotiation process. The group predicts that if military confrontation
starts it will be much more fierce and dramatic than in the 1992-94
war. The report states that Russia, Turkey and Iran might become
involved in the conflict and that would threaten the oil and gas
pipelines passing near the frontline. So the report calls for
the prevention of war. It suggests signing an appropriate document
regulating certain essential principles, creating a situation of the
mutual trust and other peaceful initiatives. So far, Armenia controls
16% of Azeri territory. There are up to 600 000 IDPs in Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile Baku increases its military budget which is already USD 3.1
bln. This could provoke Armenia to carry out a preventative assault.

The Azeri army consists of 95 000 militaries, Armenia and Karabakh
forces are altogether 70 000. In 2010, both sides lost 30 soldiers.

Both sides possess missiles, Armenians - 32 which could reach Baku
whereas Azeri forces possess 129 tactical ballistic missiles that
could damage major Armenian cities. The report considers possible
confrontation realistic and warns the international community to
interfere and take appropriate measures.

From: A. Papazian