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German Railways Offer Unique Look into the Ottoman Empire
The University of Michigan Armenian Studies speaker discusses the
Baghdad and Anatolian Railways

ANN ARBOR, MICH., Feb. 11, 2011 -
On Monday, January 24, 2011 Dr. Murat Ozyuksel, Manoogian Simone
Foundation Visiting Scholar, presented a lecture entitled "German
Penetration into the Ottoman Empire through the Baghdad Railway."
Ozyuksel highlighted several aspects of the relationship between
Germany and the Ottoman Empire and how they evolved from the
relationship surrounding the railways. The analysis further
contextualized the political, economic and military implications for
pre-war Great Powers and their spheres of influence.

Beginning the analysis with the importance of railways in
infrastructure development, Ozyuksel pointed to the integration of
previously closed rural economies which motivated foreign and domestic
actors. Germany looked to the Ottoman Empire as an alternative to an
administered colony and the Ottoman Empire accepted German influence
as they didn't have any Muslim colonies nor did they want direct
control but rather profits and influence. Ozyuksel's books, The
Struggle for Influence in the Ottoman Empire: Baghdad Railways
(forthcoming) and Anatolian and Baghdad Railroads in the Context of
Ottoman-German Relations (1988) provide complete analysis.

Murat Ozyuksel completed his Ph.D. in 1986 at Istanbul University. In
addition to Ozyuksel's affiliation with the Armenian Studies Program,
he also is professor of political science at Istanbul University. A
recording of this lecture is available on the Armenian Studies

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From: A. Papazian