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February 11, 2011 Friday 6:30 AM EST

ARMENIA : Meghri s hydro-power plant s Construction to begin in 2011

Armen Movsisyan, Armenian Minister of Energy and Natural Resources,
publicized that the construction of a new hydro-power plan in the town
of Meghri will commence in 2011.

The minister stated, adding that the construction activities will last
about 5 years, "Land allotment and licensing activities are currently
under way. A great deal of work has to be done before launching the
construction. Building the plant appears to be the easiest part of

Under the funding of Iran the construction of project will start.
Initial 15 years after the plant functions it will be managed by an
Iranian firm, which will export its electricity production to Iran.
Later, it will be given to the Armenian side.

From: A. Papazian