February 18, 2011

YEREVAN, February 18. /ARKA/. Prime Minister of
Armenia Tigran Sargsyan presented his own vision in
( on economic
development cooperation and business-relations between Armenia and

Recent visit of Georgian Premier Nicoloz Gilauri to Armenia is a
good occasion for discussion of frequently asked questions related
to Georgian reforms and problems of Armenians living in Georgia.

Sargsyan answered the question on "different Armenian businesses"
which as if "run" to Georgia saying that authors of such questions do
not clearly understand the difference between transfer and expansion
of business in Georgia.

He informed that they agreed with the Georgian minister on the
establishment of favorable conditions for unifying the markets of
both countries and make economy more integrated.

"As for the companies transferred to Georgia, I suggest to discuss
all certain cases which refer to closure of business in Armenia and
transfer to Georgia. Please leave your messages in the comments and
we will analyze its reasons and make conclusions", said Sargsyan.

He said that development models of Armenia and Georgia are different.

He clarified that Armenia chose evolution of reforms and Georgia-
revolutionary way.

"Each of these ways has its positive and negative sides. Our reforms
assume other logics of implementation", he considers.

Armenia should learn lessons from the spheres which have been
successfully developed in Georgia. He is concerned that people who
notice the progress in Georgia do not notice it in their country.

During the meeting the parties discussed tax and customs administration
issues and reforms in road police.

Gulauri highly appreciated the success in financial sphere of Armenia,
particularly management of internal debt, achievements in banking
sector and insurance. We promised to kindly share our experience in
these spheres.

"The most important thing is that competition of two friendly countries
should serve the interests of Armenia and Georgia and not oppose them",
said Sargsyan.

There are already comments in the site, particularly doubts on
successful reforms in tax and customs sphere or police in the struggle
against corruption. Authors of comments consider that development
models of Armenia can be rather called regress models. Instead of
mentioning certain cases, for example, transfer of Armenian business
to Georgia, people in their comments suggest the prime minister to
look through the publications of newspapers.

From: A. Papazian