Feb 22 2011

The Armenia armed forces` problems are the focus of attention of the
OSCE office in Yerevan and arouse concern, Head of the OSCE office
in Yerevan, Ambassador Sergey Kapinos stated at a roundtable on human
rights protection in the army.

The Armenian armed forces have to take steps to put an end to the
shortcomings so as they might meet the OSCE standards. On behalf
of the OSCE, Ambassador Kapinos stated willingness to contribute to
the democratic reforms in the Armenian army. He pointed out the need
for an effective complaint processing system in Armenia. Ambassador
Kapinos said that Armenia has relevant laws on armed forces, which,
however, are not properly applied.

"The Armenia public has recently heard of unpleasant army incidents and
trials. So effective mechanisms of complaint processing, monitoring
and appealing are of paramount importance. The OSCE will continue
cooperating with the Ministry of Defense to prevent such incidents,"
Kapinos said.

From: A. Papazian