Armenian Women's Weightlifting Championship kicked off on Friday with
a small number of weightlifters taking part in it.

According to the Armenian sports news website, the results
were quite unexpected.

Elen Grigoryan, who had won a champion's title among the 58kg category,
showed a far better performance than the weightlifters at the 63kg
and 69kg categories who had won gold medals.

Nazik Avdalyan became the champion at the 69kg category. Avdalyan,
who had won the world title in 2009, has not returned back to trainings
after a long pause.

Earlier reports said that she will not be able to take part in this
competition because of an injury.

Armenia's Championship:

48kg Margarita Ghazaryan 94kg 53kg Izabella Yalyan 163kg 58kg Elen
Grigoryan 202kg 63kg Christine Petrosyan 180kg 69kg Nazik Avdalyan
190kg 75kg Meline Daluzyan 240kg 75kg+ Naira Harutyunyan 210kg

From: A. Papazian