FORTH POWER. It has started
10:29 - 25.02.2011

Yesterday from the area of "Marco Polo" cafe at around 19:40, police
officers have apprehended some of the members of youth activists of
Armenian National Congress party, who were spreading around booklets
of March 1st mass meeting.

7 boys and 3 girls have been taken to Center's police department
and were kept there for 3 hours. Sargis Gevorgyan, Areg Gevorgyan,
Hovhannes Qiramijyan, Sergey Gasparyan, Sahak Muradyan, Sargis
Ghazaryan, Gurgen Asatryan, Hermine Matevosyan, Tatev Poghpatyan and
Mariam Muradyan were set free from the police department yesterday
late at night.

Yesterday after the youngsters were arrested a huge number of young
people gathered in front of the police department. By the way,
there were news in the net according to which the police officers
have turned the lights off and violently abused them, afterwards the
emergency car came, doctors went in and after coming out announced
that the condition of young people is normal.

By the way, at the very point when we wanted to get in, girls were
in a high mood and we didn't notice any marks of violation.

From: A. Papazian