February 25, 2011 - 18:29 AMT 14:29 GMT

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Georgia Namik Aliyev made another
sensational statement: "For Armenians, access to the Black Sea means
the realization of the idea of 'Great Armenia from sea to sea. It
means creation of 'Great Armenia'."

According to the Azerbaijani diplomat, Armenia's policy is aimed at
"accessing the Black Sea" and it is implemented "through oppression
of other nations." Aliyev decided to go beyond "the Armenian claims"
to Azerbaijan and brought the example of Georgia, which, according
to the Ambassador, faces the threat of "occupation by Armenia."

It is known that Azerbaijanis have problems with history, especially,
judging from Aliyev's statement, according to which Abkhazia is a
mono-ethnic zone established by Armenians. Meanwhile, the reality
shows that Azerbaijan was the country, which aspired towards creation
of a mono-ethnic state for decades through expelling native population
or forcibly Azerbaijanizing the nations residing on the territory of
"international" Azerbaijan.

"I can understand it when a state has no access to sea and wants to
establish friendship, economic, commercial, transport relations with
other states, in order to have access to sea," said Aliyev. But in
the case of Armenia, according to him, these are territorial claims;
it is an aspiration to transfer its population to this territory and
create a mono-ethnic zone there. "Both Azerbaijan and Georgia should
openly tell Armenians that there is no room for 'Great Armenia' here,"
the Azerbaijani Ambassador said.

The story with speculations around 'Great Armenia from sea to sea'
is not new and emerges each time, when the arguments of the other
side are already exhausted. It is also clear that Baku spares no
effort to engage Tbilisi in its anti-Armenian propaganda. It is a
secondary matter whether Azerbaijan will succeed in it, or not. The
most important thing for Baku is to sow the seeds of strife and then
wait and see.

From: A. Papazian