Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 14:39:07 - 31/01/2012

In the result of last year's pension reform, 11 thousand people were
withdrawn from the pension lists, said the minister of labor and
social issues Arthur Grigoryan.

According to the minister, in the result of the reform, the number
of pensioners is down from 520 thousand to 509 thousand. Dead and
emigrated people have been removed from the lists. More than AMD 10
billion returned from the pension system last year.

The minister avoided the question as to how much money officials
pocketed due to the exaggerated number of pensioners. He noted
that criminal proceedings have been launched which will give all
the answers.

The head of the Social Security Service Vazgen Khachikyan was sacked
at the beginning of last year due to the scandalous revelation by
the Control Chamber. It was revealed that dead pensioners continued
to receive pensions for years. Several other officials have been
dismissed but no criminal proceedings have been launched.