Today at "Armat" press-club expert on Turkey Levon Hovsepyan met
journalists and spoke about Turkish announcements which are made after
French Senate accepted bill on criminalization of Armenian Genocide.

The expert noted that those announcements have no strength as Turkey
is unable to speak with France with ultimatums. According to the
speaker threats by Turkey directed to France will first of all damage
Turkey both political and economical aspects. "Turkey is now in a
hard condition connected with Iran. It is unable to ignore Iran or
the West. Turkey tries to play a double game for its own security but
its opportunities are really limited", the expert noted and underlined
that this country's behavior becomes like an offended boy.

According to L. Hovsepyan Turkey is unable to do anything as there
are borders in reality which it can not pass.

Referring to the announcement about NK issue made by Russian and
Turkish Ministers of Foreign Affairs L. Hovsepyan noted that this was
an answer to the bill on criminalization of Armenian Genocide accepted
by French Senate. "It is not accidentally that Turkey now tries to
find relations with Russia as it is offended from Europe. These are
just disappointed steps which will have no results", the expert on
Turkey underlined.

He underlined that both Russia and the West know well Turkish
potential. "Besides this the region faces the danger of destabilization
and Turkey tries to have its role by playing double games. It has its
plans connected with Syria and even some military actions in Syrian
territory are not excepted", L. Hovsepyan considers.

According to the speaker Ankara makes hopeless steps. "May be it will
make some actions concerning Armenian migrants in Turkey as well but
it will have no results and Turkey will appear in more uncomfortable

The expert underlined as well that Russia is well-informed about
Turkish "stabilization" actions in the South Caucasus, especially
in Chechnya, Georgia. "So it doesn't worthy to speak about Turkish
"stabilization" action in Artsakh issue", he concluded.