13:30 - 14.02.2012

Armenia - bridgehead of Moscow, and also its buffer zone in the
Caucasus, it is spoken in the dedicated to the South Caucasus article
of the research center Of stratfor.

As transfers, the research center Of stratfor published a
sequential series of materials with the analysis of the relations of
Russia and republics of the former USSR by the name revival of Russia.

Analysts Stratfor in a study emphasize that about Armenia it is buffer
zone for Russia in the Caucasus.

Armenia - bridgehead of Moscow in the center of the Caucasus. It
borders on Azerbaijan and Georgia, and also on Turkey and Iran. Russia
has as a goal during the present year - to prepare Armenia for the
possible integration into the united economic space and the Eurasian
union, note researchers Stratfor. Also they emphasize that Russia
has political, economic levers of influence in Armenia. Analyst they
indicate that official Moscow lends support to the Armenian President
and to the ruling Republican Party of Armenia.

Experts emphasize that Armenia, in view of the geographical location
and the absence of strategically important natural resources, she
also willingly selected by his influential patron Russia. There is
influential Armenian diaspore in the USA and France; however, its
involvement bears faster economic nature.

Armenia enters into the orbit of Russia, and partly the pro-Western
camp of the ex-USSR it is not, note analysts. Also they the conclusion
that Armenia will be accurate to Moscow and will continue participation
in the initiatives of Moscow in the region. The only version, when
Armenia goes away from Russia - weakening the geopolitical positions
of Russia in the region.