Haik Aramyan

11:05 31/01/2013
Story from News:

During the visit of the Russian minister of defense Shoygu and CSTO
Secretary General Borduzha areas and timing of military economic
cooperation were defined. Agreement was reached to produce Russian
military Kamaz truck spare parts in Armenia.

It is remembered that at the end of 1990s General Motors was said to
set up a plant in Armenia. At that time the representative of General
Motors to the CIS was Levon Hairapetyan.

The Russians quickly prevented it. The ex-mayor of Moscow Luzhkov
rushed to Armenia together with the director of Moskvich and signed an
agreement on setting up a plant of spare parts in Yerevan. At that
time, Luzhkov had a tremendous plan of revival of Moskvich cars, even
some new models were produced. However, enthusiasm died right away,
and the agreement remained on paper. After all, it is possible to
revive anything by Moskvich cars.

However, it was the secondary issue because the primary one was to
block the way of General Motors to Armenia with the help of Luzhkov's
car campaign. It is hard to tell what role each had and how interested
the "participants" were. Eventually, General Motors set up its plant
in Russia, while Armenia suffered both politically and economically.

By the way, General Motors is not just industry but the symbol of the
Western hi-tech civilization. The Russians would never allow this
symbol to Armenia. And Moskvich was used to show the Armenians to
their place.

Kamaz is not Moskvich, of course. Kamaz team wins Paris-Dakar almost
every year but it does not boost serial production and export.

Nevertheless, Kamaz is a good car, the best in the region. If the
agreement on the production of Kamaz spare parts is brought into
being, it will indicate the willingness of Russians to change the
nature of relations with Armenia. These relations are still far from
hi-tech but quite bearable considering the nature of the Armenian
elite. For the time being, the Russians and Armenians are not capable
of more.