Wed 30 January 2013

Moscow is concerned over the statements of official Baku that the
missile defence systems of Azerbaijan have received an order to knock
down the airplanes that trespass its airspace.

The statement is contained in the article by Vladimir Mukhin "Karabakh
missile defence roulette' published in the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

The material says that Baku has gained that opportunity after Moscow
sold two divisions of modern, having no analogues Favorit rocket
systems by the decision of the then-president of Russia Dmitriy
Medvedev in 2010 after it declined the relevant contract with Iran.

"These systems are capable of controlling the sky over the territory
of Nagorno Karabakh", the article says.

The expert officer for missile defence systems of the Russian defence
Ministry told the newspaper that the 'zenith-rocket complex S-300
PMU2 Favorit has almost the 100% potential of hitting an air target
at a distance of up to 150 km with two rockets.

That is any civil aircraft that appears over Karabakh, if it is in
the area of the system and if there is the due instruction it will
be terminated by Favorit", the article says.

Meanwhile, the officer doubted the recent statement of the Defence
Minister of Armenia Seyran Ohansyan that the 'Armenian missile defence
will be able to ensure full security of civil airplanes which will
probably operate flights from Yerevan to Stepanakert (Khankandi-ed.).

"The Armenian missile defence is able to protect the territory from the
combat aviation of a potential enemy. But Favorit makes it absolutely
impossible", the expert says.

"The sources in the Russian Defence Ministry report that the
representatives of the Russian delegation recommended not to start
air flights over the territory of Karabakh", the material says.