January 30, 2013 | 22:16

The approach of blackmailing Armenia will not bring anything, stated
the presidential candidate of Armenia, the incumbent President Serzh
Sargsyan at the meeting with voters in the city of Vanadzor.

"Our foreign policy must continue in the same spirit and the same
logic. This is not an area where major changes are permissible. We must
strengthen our ability to advance the interests on the international
arenas. We must be strong in the eyes of our partners, friends and
enemies. All of you have a good understanding of what challenges
we confront: hostile attitude of Azerbaijan and Turkey, closed
borders. Persistent preconditions of Turkey, aggressive, cynical
and racist appeals of Azerbaijan also exacerbate the situation in
the region.

But I want you to say, what we believe in, our opponents will be
forced to believe in it too. The approach of blackmailing will not get
concessions from us. Turkey cannot change the process of international
recognition of the Genocide and condemnation of the world, as well
as issues in their own society, sounding more acute. Threat of force
cannot bring Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh to their knees, cannot
stop Karabakh's desire to break free to live on their land. Again I
declare, we have no hostile nations. And these are not just words. We
understand that the poison of Armenophobia cannot help but be reflected
in the community and especially the younger generation of the country
in which it is grown. Poisoning own society further exacerbates the
explosive situation in the region. But I repeat, we have no hostile
nations. And these words, thanks to the free information flow can
reach up to those who live and work on the other side of the border,
even with the hatred, which is constantly embedded in them by the
authorities," the president said.