Most Armenian women are controlled by men - research

January 31, 2013 | 00:42

YEREVAN. - Statistics show that 61% of Armenian women, who have ever
had a partner, have been subject to the control, 25% - to
psychological abuse, 8.9% - to physical violence, 3.3% - to sexual
abuse, and 9.5% - to both physical and sexual violence. This is stated
in the introductory part of the program of activities "against gender
violence." Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has submitted the
program for approval of the Government of Armenia.

In 2008 - 2009, with the assistance of the UN Population Fund, The
National Statistical Service of Armenia carried out the first national
survey on the topic of domestic violence. The report of the Ministry
of Labor and Social Affairs stated that the awareness of gender-based
violence and gender issues is very low, there is a disguised
discrimination against women, as well as the overall tolerance of the
various manifestations of gender violence.

"Today, the problem of gender-based violence is still relevant to the
country," the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs concluded
the report.