Naira Hayrumyan
Politics - Monday, 04 February 2013, 17:03

A few days ago Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan met with the Russian
Ambassador Vyacheslav Kovalenko and discussed details of his upcoming
visit to Moscow. Perhaps, the attempt on the life of presidential
candidate Paruir Hayrikyan hindered the visit, who blamed the
"Russian imperialism" for the attack. Perhaps, after this statement
"imperialism" decided to postpone the visit of the Armenian MP, during
which the details of the Armenian-Russian economic integration had
to be discussed. It is not known what exactly is to be discussed
in Moscow. Today, the "Moscow news" published another interview
with Tigran Sargsyan in which he actually puts forth a new argument
against Armenia's accession to the Customs Union. "Lack of common
borders is not the only issue. The special thing about Armenia is the
structure of the Armenian economy which is very different from the
economic structure of the Customs Union, where there are considerable
energy resources and where a policy of protecting domestic producers
by relatively high customs duties is implemented. In general, the
level of fees in the customs union is twice as much as those charged
in Armenia," Tigran Sargsyan said. So it is necessary to find the
formula and effective instruments of cooperation with the Customs
Union, he added, actually stating that Armenia disagrees with the
proposed mechanisms. Does it mean that Sargsyan's visit to Moscow
will be cancelled? This is quite possible, especially considering the
current domestic situation in Armenia when the Election Day is about to
be postponed, one of the candidates makes serious allegations against
Russia which is silent to the accusation. This is not the first time
Tigran Sargsyan politely refused rapprochement with Russia in the
Russian media. Rather, the interview with the Moscow news can be
considered another failure of Armenia. We should expect that Putin
again will instruct to develop special mechanisms of cooperation
of Armenia with the Customs Union or we may again hear gunshots
in Yerevan.


From: Baghdasarian