Raffi Hovannisian: If authorities refuse from voter bribery and
election rigging, there will be no second round of presidential

Friday, February 15, 14:29

Candidate for president of Armenia, Leader of Heritage Party Raffi
Hovannisian told media, Friday that he is sure that there will be no
second round of the presidential election and the Armenian public will
win the election.

"Armenia has significantly changed over the last 25 years. The people
are ready for changes. So, if the authorities conduct fair election,
refuse from voter bribery and election rigging, we will have a new
president on February 19. If they artificially organize a second
round of election, the opposition will consolidate," he said.

The candidate said that incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan is compared
favorably with the other candidates, as he has an opportunity to
listen and learn. He just needs to give freedom to governors, mayors,
and ordinary citizens, even if it means a defeat in the first round.
Hovannisian said that there is large-scale voter bribery and
inaccuracies in the electoral registers.

He said that he will be waiting his voters in the Liberty Square on
February 19 and will make assessment of the past election. He did not
specify what will be in case of his defeat, but said that he is not
going to put up with violations. Hovannisian urged voters to vote in
favor of their favorite candidates.

The presidential election will be held on February 18. The election
campaign launched on January 21 was hot and diverse. Unlike other
candidates, Arman Melikyan, former foreign minister of NKR, and Vardan
Sedrakyan, specialist in epic, preferred just media propaganda.
Political expert Andreas Ghoukassyan is on a hunger strike. There was
an assassination attempt against another candidate, leader of the
Union of National Self-Determination Party Paruyr Hayrikyan. In the
meantime, president Serzh Sargsyan, former- PM Hrant Bagratyan and
Leader of Heritage Party Raffi Hovannisian meet with their voters
throughout the country every day.