Women's Community Council of Martuni reports election frauds

16:02 - 18.02.13

Talking to the Media Center club, Anahit Gevorgyan, Chairwoman of the
Women's Community Council of Martuni reports numerous election frauds
in Vardenik and Martuni.

Voters do not put their ballot papers in the envelopes, but show them
to the people sitting beside the ballot boxes.

`Most of the presidential candidates have no proxies, but their
presence would put everyone on the alert. This is the reason that
election frauds are not recorded,' she said.

Ms Gevorgyan is also concerned over cases of voting instead of the
people that are outside Armenia now.

`For example, two of my family members are outside Armenia. However,
their absence from Armenia has not been announced. They are well aware
of who is in the country and who is outside. Election bribes do not
seem to be distributed, but the people that are used to election
bribes were waiting for them,' she said.