2013-02-27 15:08:59

February 18 is already in the past ... To talk about violations will
be unnecessarily, now is the time to talk about the results. Armenian
President became Serzh Sargsyan, and fortunately or unfortunately
for RA citizen, this time the authorities won the elections.

Republican ideas during the election period, in particular, to provide
legitimacy, to hold elections without fraud, seems to have come true,
despite the fact that rumors of fake elections are resounded in the
whole country. However, his time Serzh Sargsyan has managed to kill two
birds with one stone: first, he provided legitimacy of the elections,
ensuring competition, and second, the opposition is changed, that is,
replacing the former opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan with Raffi
Hovannisian, who, in contrast to Ter-Petrosian, is less of a threat
for Serzh Sargsyan.

The elections were held with this pre-planned scenario, there were
the competition and opposition, which differed from the opposition
in 2008. This opposition is valid only within the laws of the
Constitution. In all likelihood, Serzh Sargsyan was ready for the
wave of protest that arose immediately after the announcement of the
provisional results of the election, knowing well that without fraud
it will be impossible to achieve the desired results. However, in this
situation, RPA and Serzh Sargsyan were not serious enough to react
to the other candidates, in particular, Raffi Hovannisian. Despite
the fact that they were prepared for the worst, they did it in
a square logic without considering Raffi Hovannisian's actions,
who was unpredictable from the authorities. And that is where the
government is panicked, because they do not know how to face this
new kind of fight. And suddenly one of the members of the Republican
Party emerged a great idea, to solve the problem with a version of
provocateurs and policeman-operators.

What is the purpose of the shooting Raffi Hovannisian's rallies by
the police?

First, policemen are trying to influence the people who are going to
participate at meetings to know them well and to punish them further.

Secondly, the police changed its work profile and instead of crime
detection and security meetings now it's preparing operators, who,
why not, maybe in the future will find a job in Hollywood. But because
Hollywood appears more as a pipe dream, the first option is more
likely and acceptable.

There remains only the option that democracy is still very far from
our country, that the government provokes that power scares and does
not accept the validity of which everyone knows, including them. In
this situation, we should hope that even in the case of this power
Raffi Hovannisian's struggle will not make immoral steps will not
provoke with those people who have no self-esteem.

Gevorg Avetisyan

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress