Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait
Feb 2 2014

KFAED to finance water dam project in Armenia

KUWAIT, Feb 2 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development
(KFAED) will finance a strategic project of establishing a water dam
to serve the cultural sector in Armenia, Kuwait's Ambassador to
Armenia Bassam Mohammad Al-Qabandi said on Sunday.

The project is being studied by a group of experts sent by KFAED.

It is the first venture of its kind to be funded by KFAED in Armenia,
a country that basically depends on the agricultural sector, the
diplomat added in a statement.

This project contributes to boosting the bilateral ties between Kuwait
and Armenia at all levels, he said, hoping that it would see the light

The ambassador held a dinner banquet for the KFAED delegation,
visiting Armenia to discuss the finance of the water dam project.