Kocharyan may return to politics, says security official

15:18 * 01.02.14

The secretary of Armenia's National Security Council says he does not
rule out the possibility of second President Robert Kocharyan's
political comeback.

"Kocharyan may return to politics," Artur Baghdasaryan told reporters
on Saturday, adding that the second president himself is the best
person to speak clearly on the issue.

He said Kocharyan's connections and active collaboration with
different political circles make his chances of return quite possible.

Baghdasaryan said he thinks that both Kocharyan, and the first
president, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, have the right to have their position
on the developments in Armenia. For Kocharyan, he said, those
positions should be considered from two aspects: political and
content-based. "The answers to the content-based questions have to be
given by government representatives who, I think, have already done
that. But they have to continue if it isn't satisfactory," he added.

Asked how he treats the activities of Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan
and his cabinet in the light of the recent transaction that saw the
Vorotan Cascade, a strategically important hydroelectrice power plant
for Armenia, sold to a US firm, Baghdasaryan said he finds it an
excellent deal. "The Vorotan Hydro deal was a brilliant economic
transaction. To make an investment of 180 million in Armenia's economy
... well, I find it a big achievement. God grant, we had more several
investments in Armenia. I am personally for such transactions," he

Bahgdasaryan said he expects the government to work more effectively
in future. "The country is facing extremely serious socio-economic
problems, so it is necessary to take a bolder outlook on them," he

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From: A. Papazian