Ashot Sukiasyan Of Offshore Scandal Arrested informed that the police has finally found the location of
Ashot Sukiasyan, fugitive fraud involved in the offshore scandal. He
was in Tbilisi and the Armenian police cooperated with their Georgian
counterparts to arrest him. How his transfer to Armenia is being
attended to.

Ashot Sukiasyan is the godchild of Archbishop Navasard Kchoyan of the
Patriarchal Diocese of Ararat. He allegedly ran a diamond business,
and he had businessman Pailak Hairapetyan deposit all his property in
America Bank who later lost everything.

According to the business plan, Sukiasyan was going to import raw
diamonds from Sierra Leone, Africa to Armenia where 23 businessmen
would process them in their companies. Later it became known that
Hairapetyan's money had been transferred to a different destination,
to the bank account of a company registered in the offshore the owners
of which were Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Navasaryan Kchoyan and
Ashot Sukiasyan.

15:23 01/02/2014
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