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Multimedia Education Program Expands Countrywide

YEREVAN, ARMENIA--The Manana Youth Center won a major two-year grant from
the United Nation's Democracy Fund, which enables the Manana Youth Center
to conduct a dozens of weeklong multimedia workshops for children
throughout Armenia.

"We have been working towards the goal of enabling all of country's young
people to benefit from our proven educational programs." Said Ruzan
Baghdasaryan, Executive Director of the Manana Youth Center. "Our
workshops will introduce basic skills in the areas of journalism,
photojournalism and filmmaking."

Participants, under the supervision of our expert instructors, produced
films, shot photos and conducted interviews. An exhibition and film
screening was held in Gyumri in the fall to feature Manana student's works
from the various regions. In 2014, these workshops will continue and a
curated final exhibition will be held in Yerevan.

In August, Manana Youth Center organized a crowd funding campaign on
Indiegogo and raised $5,000 for *Sand Animals*. The students of the Manana
Animation Studio are currently implementing this animation project.

"This is the seventh year The Paros Foundation is providing support to the
Manana Youth Center in the form of a grant for operational funding and
quality program and office space. Said Peter Abajian, Executive Director
of The Paros Foundation. "It is inspiring that the Manana team has
attracted prestigious funding for their training and the development of
specific creative projects. Providing these opportunities for Armenia's
children encourages a young persons curiosity and his or her ability to
express themselves."

Other 2013 milestones included the presentation of two feature film
documentaries at the Golden Apricot International Film Festival by Manana
Films, the film production division of Manana Youth Center.

*The Beginnings*, a co-production documentary with Turkey, directed by
Somnur Vardar, and *Hit The Road: India* - a travel adventure documentary,
recognized later as an amazing adventure film of 2013 by Vimeo and Vanity
Fair Italy were both well received by audiences. *Hit The Road: India* is
now being successfully distributed via major digital platforms and will be
broadcasted by several TV channels in 2014. The Manana film *Everyone, who
will meet me*, won the Highlight Award at Young Filmmaker International
Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Manana Youth Center is located in Yerevan, Armenia and provides
multimedia training and afterschool education to 75 students ages 8 to 18
in the areas of filmmaking, journalism, photography and animation. Children
engage in these hands-on activities, but most importantly, the skills they
learn greatly improve their critical thinking.

In 2014 funding is needed to upgrade their equipment and to expand the
program for an additional 20 children. The Manana Youth Center depends on
support from the community and donors to meet its important mission. To
get involved please contact Peter Abajian (310) 400-9061; and, to
contribute please visit Support from The Paros
Foundation underwrites all administrative expenses allowing donor
contributions to be allocated directly to Manana's student programs.


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