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February 26, 2014
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The Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America
install the New Council for Year 2014

(Glendale, California) - At its general membership meeting, the
Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) introduced its new
council for the year 2014. The new executive council consists of the
following: Vasken Yardemian, President, Marina Guevrekian Ph.D., Vice
President, Mark Abajian, Executive Secretary and Armineh Khachatoorian
as Treasurer. The Councilors in large are: Aram Setian, Arin Abed,
Asbed Pogarian, Stepan Joulfayan, Argineh Shabandari, Talin Petrosian,
and Vazgen Ghoogassian.

The outgoing President, Mardy Kazarians, Ph.D., reported last year's
activities and achievements of the organization. AESA organized formal
scientific lectures and workshop as well as the annual Science
Olympiad competition which was held at Woodbury University. The
competition, involving school-age children, was considered a great
success. These activities were well organized and attended by the
Armenian community. Kazarians mentioned that AESA had planning to
offer both mentorship services and scholarship to Armenian college
students. In addition, social activities such as mixers for the young
professionals were held in conjunction with other organizations.
Furthermore, AESA celebrated its 30th anniversary with an annual gala
banquet where it honored all AESA past presidents for their services
to the organization.

The incoming President Vasken Yardemian shared his plan and goals for
the upcoming year. `We look forward for a successful year leading AESA
to new levels of success' stated Yardemian. `The AESA continues to
grow in strength and numbers. Our new governance and volunteer
leadership structure will continue this path as we invite all
engineers and scientists of Armenian descent to join AESA specially
the younger generation'. The AESA continues to build and develop
partnerships with other Armenian organizations to serve the Armenian
community. In addition, the AESA is investing in new programs that
will allow working with college and high school students as well as
the American University of Armenia. Yardemian mentioned that the
organization will implement the new scholarship program as well as
mentoring activities for Armenian college students both undergraduate
and graduate levels majoring in engineering and science. As a new
project, the AESA has proposed to collaborate with the College of
Science and Engineering of the American University of Armenia (AUA) by
offering workshops, seminars and short term courses related to
engineering and science. `Let's make 2014 about creating a stronger
and better organization. We look forward to working together so that
each one of us feels proud to be part of the AESA' concluded
Yardemian. By the end of the meeting, there was a long discussion
among its membership about the future of AESA.

Established in 1983 in Glendale, California, AESA is a non-partisan
and non-sectarian philanthropic organization focused primarily on
addressing the professional, technical and scientific needs of fellow
Armenian engineers, scientists, industrialists and architects
throughout the world. For more information, check AESA's website at, or contact (818)547-3372, e-mail: [email protected] >From
left to right: Talin Petrosian, Marina Guevrekian, Vasken Yardemian,
Mardy Kazarians, Armineh Khachatoorian, Argineh Shabandari. Back,
from left to right: Asbed Pogarian, Razmik Gharakhanian, Mark Abajian,
Vazgen Ghoogassian, Areg Gharabegian. Missing are Arin Abed and
Stepan Joulfayan.
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Vazgen Ghoogassian pinning Vasken Yardemian as AESA President