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14:31 27/02/2014 >> SOCIETY

At the initiative of Elkhan Suleymanov, who is a member of Azerbaijani
parliament, site Karabakhinfo.com was created in April 2012, which
serves as another official mouthpiece of Azerbaijani propaganda.

The level and argumentation base of the site speaks of the fact that
it is designed for a lowly reader, prone to emotional perceptions,
and not capable of making independent analysis of the facts.

Screaming headlines, abuse of interjection "Shock", abundance of
horrifying details with references to unconfirmed sources which
are presented as "evidence of eyewitnesses", photos that are bogus
and are not related to the story, are another evidence of targeted
inculcation of Armenofobia by the Azerbaijani officials.

For example, on the pages of the website mentioned above, under the
next emotional headline called "Shock! Armenian Forms of Torture (+18)
- PHOTO" an article of some Zaur Aliyev is published, the latter
is presented as an employee of the Azerbaijani National Academy
of Sciences (ANAS), Chairman of Diaspora and Lobby Research Center,
doctor of political philosophy. From this it follows that Ph.D. Aliyev
had witnessed the Khojalu events, though his name is not mentioned
in any international or Azerbaijani report referring to those events.

In his article the author grounds also on "the testimonies of the
eyewitnesses, MNS information, reports of the State Commission
on prisoners, missing people and hostages, war veterans, Armenian
authors’ notes." The author, of course, does not highlight
names and sources using the usual formulation "at their request."

The obsessive visualization of the content of the article also
attracts attention.

The first photo was taken presumably in the early 20th century. The
author is unknown, the events associated with it too. And it is the
factor of anonymity and uncertainty that causes exploitation of the
photo by various sources in their own way. In particular, the Turkish
propaganda prefers to illustrate it in the articles demonstrating the
"genocide of Turks by the Armenians" Azerbaijani propaganda uses it
to illustrate the events of 1918 or 1992. The probative value of this
shocking photo is weak as it is not known by who and where was taken
the photo and who is depicted in it; however it is not an obstacle
for the propaganda activities.

The second photo that depicts dead children, is taken from Ukrainian
sites dedicated to the Holodomor, but is presented as a photo of
Azerbaijani children "killed by Armenian terrorists." The original
of the photo can be found on the official website of the President
of Ukraine.

The third photo depicts Azerbaijani soldiers captured during the
Nagorno-Karabakh war. Judging by the quality of the photo, one can
surly say that it is a newspaper clipping. Given that it is presented
separately from the main article, it can be assumed that it is not
connected with "Khojaly" tortures and other statements brought in
the article.

The fourth photo is quite widely used in the Azerbaijani press, as
usual with a reference to the "genocide of Azerbaijanis" in 1918; it,
however, is “connected” sometimes with the present day
events. If one studies the details of the photo carefully, it becomes
clear that the exposure is staged and it is most likely that it is a
frame from a film. Anyway, it is strange to see how a guy with bandaged
hands is holding a bottle with his teeth and is drinking from it, and
his "cellmates" look blankly into the space and do not even try to help
him. The origin of the photo is very doubtful - neither the author's
name, nor the scene and the participants of the scene are known. There
is no special archive number showing from where it was taken.

The fifth photo is the one actively used by the Azerbaijani
propaganda. This has already been considered by the xocali.net site -
"№ 20 Lvov Jews are presented for victims of Armenian terror."

It is noteworthy that, it is marked as if the photo is from the
"personal archive of Zaur Aliyev." This fact gives the reader a
false impression that Aliyev is the author or copyright holder of
the photo. However, its original is kept in the Holocaust museum.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress