'Twitter' microblog of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev - a new
attraction for Internet users

16:31 31/01/2015 >> SOCIETY

Tweet of the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev where he says that the
shipyard in Azerbaijan already produces ships became a subject of
mockeries by the users of social networks. Editor of "Gawker Media"
Michael Ballaban shared this tweet in "Jalopnik" blog, accompanying it
with the following comment: "Yes, but really, does Shipyard of
Azerbaijan produces ship already?"

Aliyev Tweet did not leave the commentators indifferent either. "I
cannot figure it out geographically. Azerbaijan has an access to the
Caspian Sea, which in reality is just a big lake, then where should
actually these ships be sent?", said one of the users, and another
added: "I've been to that shipyard! If you're bored and in Azerbaijan,
I recommend travel to Kazakhstan by cargo ship."

The Armenian-Azerbaijani relations were also touched during the
discussions. "In fact, the biggest problem is that this guy is the
Azerbaijani dictator who steals the oil-wealth of the country, and the
reason of the anti-Armenian tirade is the only unifying thing that
makes the Azerbaijani blood boil," said one of the commentators.

The others were making fun of the President of Azerbaijan and were
playing with words. "He will retweet no one, he doesn't reply to
anyone, he doesn't talk to anyone, he just shoots his thoughts into
the dark void of the Internet," said the users.